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The company Ledermann & Co. was founded in 1954 by Willi Ledermann and Josef Störzer in Horb am Neckar / Germany. The LEUCO brand was born.


Today, 60 years later, LEUCO is one of the world´s largest suppliers of carbide and diamond-tipped machine tools for wood and plastic processing.


Wealth of ideas and technical know-how have been the heart of LEUCO since the beginning. The product range includes circular saw blades, hoggers, bore-type and shank-type cutters, drills, clamping systems and inserts.


Sharpening service, application consulting and service packages bundled under the term „Tool management“ complete the spectrum.


LEUCO sells via direct sales. Our customers are sawmills, building-, furniture- and paneling-industry as well as interior finishing.


Internationally, around 1,100 employees work for LEUCO.


Sales affiliates are in Australia, Belgium, England, Japan, Poland, Singapore, Thailand, Ukraine and Belarus. Sales and production subsidiaries are in China, France, Malaysia, Russia, South Africa, Switzerland and US

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Innovative, trend-setting and reliable - right from the beginning!